• 01 About Me


    10 years ago I took the camera for the first time.

    It was a mechanical one.The first challenges were night

    shots of the city of Tuzla, followed by portraits of my

    friends.At the beginning it was all just a hobby, but as

    the time passed I decided to turn my hobby into a

    profession.I'm focused on wedding, fashion and stock

    photography which are sold over the Internet for

    magazines, web sites, commercials etc.

    The photography themes, the styling and the models are always chosen by me.If you take a look at my portfolio, you may notice that I collaborate with interesting individuals that I mostly find on the street or on Facebook.If you are interested in becoming a model, just send me a friend request on Facebook, and I will decide if you will become

    my next model.



  • 02 Awards


    30.11.2006 LETTER OF THANKS for Graphic design

    03.04.2007 APROVAL for Photography on BiH competition

    14.05.2007 II acknowledge on BiH competition

    26.06.2007 LETTER OF THANKS for Photos

    01.09.2007 APROVAL for Photography on BiH competition

    09.11.2007 II acknowledge (photo safari)

    18.05.2008 APROVAL for Photography on BiH competition

    06.09.2008 Acknowledgement PHOTOGRAPHER 1. class

    20.08.2009 II acknowledge on BiH competition

    10.03.2011 III acknowledge (portrait-women)

    08.06.2011 APROVAL for collection  on BiH competition

    22.06.2011 III ackno. for collection on BiH competition


  • 04 Contact







    If you have business related questions, please contact me on my phone number.


    +387 61 562 246


    Thanks, Best Regards!

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    People                            Mixed                             Wedding



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